Sunday, April 13, 2008

Work it, Baby!

Life. Its definitely a journey, and its one better to have no regrets for. So this post is, for several reasons, about beauty pageants and girls who want some tips on the upcoming tiara-fest.

1. Attitude is key.
There's nothing that makes you different from the next pretty girl standing on your left. What you can do is, from the moment you step on stage, smile and strut like you own it. Remember not to look too arrogant tho, 'cause that's a turn off. Walk like you know what you're doing, and remember - you're there to win, and to show the judges why you should be the next one to represent your country. Hold your head slightly higher, show teeth when you smile, even laugh a little if you like, in a "HaHa! Yeah I'm so happy to be here!" kinda way. Miss USA 2004 did it, and she went pretty far. ;)

2. Hair spray
Less on the head, more on the thighs. Yes, you heard me - not *too* much hair spray on your hair. You want it bouncy. But, putting lots on your thighs (and arms even), helps firm them up so they don't appear too jiggly. Hey I know we're human, all women have some fat on them whaat. ;) So go buy the "shine" type, the one that is supposed to create shiny hair at the same time. But only put it on about 5 mins before you get on stage. Things to watch out for; flaking of spray, creating white powderlike substance. That's why u need the 'shine' type of spray. Make sure you experiment at home first, ya so you know just how much to spray on.

Go get a tan!!! Tanned bodies look healthier, slimmer and more toned. I don't like the sun so much so I use Banana Boat's leave on fake tan lotion thingie. You can buy it from good pharmacies. Make sure you got your desired colour a day beforehand otherwise it'll streak. Also, put some shimmer on all areas exposed before you get on stage. Don't over do it, otherwise you'll look like a disco ball. And nice moisturised skin is good too so pack in a tub of body butter or something from the Body Shop and you'll smell yummy too. ;)

4. Acrylic nails
Go to Bellissima, Orchard towers and get yourself a set. They last for 3 weeks. :D French Tip nails are extra posh. So make sure you get them!

5. White teeth
Very big in the US, not so big in Singapore. Go get your teeth whitened. It makes a difference when you attempt (1) above.

6. Make sure you have (done) the necessaties.
Nipple tape? Check. Hollywood Tape? Check. Gel insoles for uncomfortable shoes? Got it. Silicone bra? Check - two pairs. Brazillian wax? Yep. Razors and tweezers? All packed with facial masks, and good moisturising shampoo. ;)

7. If you can afford it, get your face lasered.
Laser treatment on your face creates a glowing complexion. Its not too expensive for something that lasts a good month or two, and instantly lightens dark spots on your face. Also, it makes all your facial hairs white for some reason, so you instantly look brighter and fresh faced. And make up sits reaaaaaaaally well too.

8. Hair extensions
If you have thin hair. Volume matters, and ALL the ladies in at Miss Universe from Latin American countries have 'em. They're plugged in well. I suggest you go to the japanese place in the Heeren that weaves it in bit by bit. Its very glam, but very high maintenance. If you opt for it, pack in a straightener or curler, 'cause it looks horrid if you dont have it styled all the time. And extra extra moisturising shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

9. Invest in good beauty products
If you're really serious about this, you'd start preperations early. Buy good undereye creams, facial foams etc. It doesn't need to be expensive, get one that suits your skin. I find that Olay products are pretty good as it cleans effectively yet moisturises at the same time. Also get a small tub of Vaseline for your lips. It aso helps tame unruly brows. Buy good make up. I swear by the Radiant Touch pen by YSL for days requiring only light make up. Put under eyes, on cheeks and nose, followed by compact powder over for a very natural look. Also look for a makeup range that has a range of 'stay on forever' foundations that don't come off even if you've had it on the entire day. But remember, the most important thing is to have good skin to begin with!

The higher the heel, the better. TRUST ME. You want to stand out, and what better way than to stand tall? Shoulders back, head slightly lifted. And a pair of 5 to 6 inch heels to boot. ;) Ferragamo is good for very stylish, high heels. For those with lesser budgets, go hunting for heels that have a little bit of 'height' in front as well, so as not to strain your feet too bad.

11. Know how to work it
I used to practice smiling in front of a mirror to perfect my camera pose for my face. Do it. Don't worry no one's watching, no one will know. Heh. I still do it now, just to see how I can pose for photos differently. Use a full length mirror to see which angle suits your body best.

12. Have fun
Remember a pageant is supposed to be an enjoyable event. Over competitiveness is unattractive, and you can be deemed as a try-hard. Only one girl can win. So as long as you enjoy the journey, it'll have been worth it, trust me. ;)

Sigh. I really wish I knew all I do back then. Oh well. Starting to wish I could join a pageant again... heh! Its really so much fun, and if you're thinking about it, I strongly suggest you give it a go. Good luck, and God bless girls. :)


Lowe Loh said...

Yea, that's why I watch beauty pageants.

Lea Shmea said...

hi andrea. do u know how much is it to get our teeth whitened?

KittyCat said...

It's very kind of you to give these tips - not many pagent queens are like that!

Stay smiley :) You're one cute kid.