Friday, April 4, 2008

I want to be where the sun hits the sky..

(Okay I know this is pretty bad poetry, but I'm putting this post up for a reason. So critique it if you like, but I know I made someone smile by doing this. So Nyeh! :P)

Down in a valley, sat a farm
"Farm Fresh - Best Meats, Vegetables and Fruits"
Its been good business for the farmer
He's been blessed so far

A cloud has formed
Over the pretty little farm
The farmer looks up
He knows he's in for a trying time.

He gathers the sheep again
And pulls in the horses
But this storm is different
It sends shivers down his spine

He tries his best
But not knowing the future
Holds on to his hat
Knowing this may just be a test

For two years he has worked the fields
Sowing seeds, waiting for harvest
He's had it tough here and there
But he fears this may be the toughest

So the rain falls,
For days and days,
Drowning the stock, flooding the fields
He is helpless

Then the rain stops
And the farmer looks out the window
Its sunny now, but his farm is ruined
How will he go on? Its not the same

So he puts on his boots
And walks out to check
Then with a smile on his face
He sees fish swimming in the pond of water before him

"Okay," he says, as he takes down the sign
With his shaky hands he writes over it again with wet chalk
"Fisherman's Freshest - Best Fish, Prawns and Bait"
He looks at the pond again
Knowing its there to stay
And after being a farmer his whole life
He pulls out a rod, and casts out a net
As the sun sets in the valley's sky.


Miguel 'Iban' Sampaio said...

I'd say, it's a good writing for kids, elementary perhaps because your poem is more like making the best of something/ there's always good in something. Always look on the bright side of life.

SEACJCS said...

Does that mean you're a "fisherman's friend"?


Can you write with chalk that's wet...and how would that sound?


I'm always...expanding upon your posts, but I'll CONDENSE here. When life gives you lemons...