Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Momma, momma you know I love you...

Hey guys!

Get an exclusive peek into my life this week on 8 days. I did a special with my mother, go get it and tell me what you think.

The whole shoot was really fun, much thanks to Tinoq Russell Goh for the amazing make up, Fong Fan, one of the best stylists in Singapore, and Serene from 8 days for the amazing interview write up. :) She totally nailed it.

Also guess what I was up to a few weekends ago? I shot Teman for 8TV (Malaysian Channel), and it involved me bringing the two hosts around Singapore for a 'road trip'. Belinda and Melissa were really great, they were so sweet and friendly. The highlight of it all for me was when we went to Sentosa, to the Dolphin Lagoon! I got into the water (fully decked out in my True Religion jeans and my Ed Hardy top some more!), and got completely drenched to touch the dolphin. Totally worth it, its always been one of my dreams to touch one. Next, I gotta go swimming with wild dolphins!

Seriously though, it was such an experience, I almost cried. Actually I did, I teared a little especially when she came up close and kissed me on the cheek. Its amazing, dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals, did you know that? I could feel it, it was thinking, I knew it was having fun and did what the trainer asked it to just to make everyone happy. Beautiful. I managed to get my hands on the photos, so here ya go. ;)


Andrea Fonseka said...

aiyoh sorry i tried to upload pics but having some technical problems :P Will be up soon i pwomise!

Unknown said...

Chabor...you'd be hardpressed to find wild doplhins that you're able to swim with, at least in this part of the world anyway!

Compulsive Blogger said...

3 words.. That Lucky dolphin!

While u tell everyone a dolphin kissed u, im sure the dolphin went telling everyone he kissed Andrea Fonseka! ;p

Dysprosium said...

I know that Pink Dolphin! She's dolphin Hann(elder sister) at Dolphin Lagoon. I'm a part time guest service officer @ Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon, so I get to meet these lovely dolphins every now & then.

To Compulsive Blogger: I don't think dolphin Hann will go around telling ppl tt SHE kissed Andrea. Do u noe tt Hann gets to kiss appx 10 strangers each & everyday? To get kissed by her is a big deal to many ppl as they only get to be kissed by a dolphin on such rare occasions, but I think to dolphin Hann, kissing human beings have become part of her daily routine. :)