Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh oh, the sweetest things!

Whoopdedaa I finally got a new camera, its the Nikon Coolpix S52! So yes, no more excuses on not having enough pictures up. From now on, (due to popular request) I'll be taking my camera out with me to my events, and sometimes even everyday stuff that I do, just to let y'all in on whats going on in this little bubble that is my world. ;)

Anyhoo guess what. I'm going to be so stressed out tomorrow. I have castings at 11am, 2pm and 5pm, and then I need to come back home and work on my Trademark law assignment which is due Friday at 5pm. Eeek! Can die lah. I have already completed half the assignment, and will need to do the rest of it tomorrow night/friday morning. No sleep for this little rabbit. :( But its ok, its my last paper for this module, after which I have another paper due in a week's time, and then two exams to sit for in May, and I'M DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL! (*clap hands* quick!)

Heh. So here's a funny story - I was shopping in Carefour, and suddenly *snap*! My slipper(/thongs/flipflops) broke, lah! Omg it was so embarassing, 'cause I was left dragging my left foot around the meat section like, *step*-*draaag*-*step*-*draaag*. Finally I couldn't do it anymore, and I was just like, to hell with it, and walked around barefoot ala Britney Spears. I pretended not to notice the stares, but the floor was really cold too. :( I could'vebought a pair there but I'm really picky with the things I buy... but maybe that didn't serve me too well 'cause the pair that ripped was a pair of Havaianas! Expensive slippers that lasted me, what, a year?! Blah. Very unhappy with the brand.... but may still buy another pair from there 'cause they're preeeetyyy.... heh. I am a girl after all. Infact I think I'm getting more girly by the day. I like my little pearl-baby-pink laptop, I just coloured my toes pink, and i'm looking forward to getting more pink accessories. I doubt I'd be as radical as this though. I was forwarded this link after my "Fashion Forward" raid post, and I guess, well, no my room doesn't look like that. Nothing wrong with it, its just a preference, right? Much respect to XiaXue (first time I read her blog, pretty interesting girl), its very very neat. I am *not* so neat, but still okay lah. ;) Tune in to Fashion Forward's upcomming ep (I don't know when mine's coming out, will let you know), when they raid my humble abode. ;)

Okay I'm exhausted, gotta hit the sack. Much love to y'all! :)


Gabriel said...

hey Andrea, was away for a while. And its always refreshing to read your blog:) Wish i was there to take a pic on your walking barefooted hee. For those who don't know you( think is quite hard not to know you exist hee) must be thinking you are from Australia

Hows daddy doing? hope he is feeling much better.

Me heading down to KL this weekend hee..bought a place in Bangsar..sorting out some paper work:) need anything there?

Meanwhile, take care and continue to blog ya:)

Bluebearies said...

hi! i was just wondering, how did you leave carrefour in the end? barefoot all the way home? haha that was hilarious, it happened to me too! i was at a supermart and my shoe straps gave way, i couldn't stand dragging the shoe and i didn't want to barefoot my way around (not as brave as you andrea *winks*), so in the end, i just bought a cheap pair of flipflops and ran home. LOL

jac said...

my shoe straps snapped in the most dreaded of places-the mrt,and at peak hour rushtime, no less. try beating tt. had to drag my leg along the ground like a multi-functionin' sweeper/vacuum cleaner/stare magnet.
oh yes; u mentioned tt a tan would be useful in slimming the figure, and tt u used a smooth-on type- do u apply a dab on the face as well? im considering using such a product but am afraid of obvious contrast bet face and the same time, i wldnt want my face to look too dark. thanks andrea:)