Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil

So yes.

I have been the busy chicka the last coupla days. Sorry-lah. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. ;)

So here I am now sitting at my *pink laptop*, stroking Demi who is asleep on my lap, with them two SKII eye-masks under my eyes. HAHA! Yep a friend of mine flew in from Shanghai, and I got him to buy me them eye mask things. Yes, I am a victim of well angled advertising/marketing campaigns. Will write a review about it, but for now I can safely say that

1. They're quite expensive. :S
2. They're really big!

One eye mask already goes from under my eye, almost down the length of my nose. ie. they're across my cheekbone. Part of it anyway. Good I guess, 'cause if it works not only will I downgrade from "Check-in-Luggage" to "Hand-Carry" sized eyebags, but I'll have 'Pitera' enriched cheeks! hehe.

Oh and on a sidenote, I went to get my nails done over the weekend, and decided to get acrylic extentions. Mum always said I never really needed them (but they're so pretty!), but it was an impulse thing. They're pretty expensive, my darling friend had to tell me when he got back that, "Eh, apparently its like 40 sing dollars (as opposed to $140) to do in Shanghai."

Gee, thanks ah. Next time you fly me there and I get them done there then!! Grr.

Alrighty then. My course on Islamic law begins next week, joy oh joy. The lecturer is a really supremo feminist intellectual, so it'll be really interesting to meet a woman who is more "Girl Power" than me. Heh.

Oh also, I caught "Knocked-Up" sometime back, and it really got me smiling. Its a really sweet sweet show, yet very real (in some bits - which is more than you can ask for in a Hollywood chick-flick). It poses some questions I'd like to share my answers with you, let me know what you think as well.

1. Would you MARRY a guy/girl who has absolutely no ambition, has a hundred dollars in savings, and smokes pot?
Nope. 'Cause I don't appreciate people who indulge in recreational drugs.. how to have kids? "Why can't I smoke weed??! Daddy smoked pot when he was my age!!". Also, I need to know that my man will be able to support me - and I don't mean that he needs to be rich. What if something happened to me? We need to be able to always afford things we *need* (note: not things we WANT) - and things like that are essential. Also, I need to be with someone as ambitious as I am. Otherwise I'll feel really isolated and alone in my ambitions and aspirations. We need to have a common goal that we both should have to work on, to at least be able to focus ourselves in something else other than making the relationship work.

2. Would you stay in a marriage if you're both not right for each other?
Hmm. Tough one. I think essentially most human beings can get along as long as they work at it, and lets face it, Marriage is Alot of Work. Especially in today's day and age, it takes alot of effort from both parties to ensure that (some?) happiness springs from it. If I have kids, I'll definitely invest a good 10 years in trying to make it work (but he'll have to try as well)... but if we both don't have kids, I would consider divorce if we're DEFINITELY not right for one another. We'd probably be better off with other people. Anyway there are several things that are grounds for divorce in any situation to say the least; namely compulsive cheating, gambling, alcohoism, abuse... So yes. I would consider breaking a marriage up, but it'd have to be under extremely dire circumstsances.

3. Would you abort a baby if it was an 'accident'?
NO. Babies are gifts from God la. Cannot. Can NOT. Besides. I was an unplanned child! My parent's didn't intend to have another kid, and whoopsie, I happened!

4. Ok I'm out of questions. :D

ps. I'm not spellchecking this post, and my nails still need some getting used to. So apologies for the typos if any.


心魔 said...

Legally, there's only ONE ground for divorce - irretrieveable breakdown of marriage; evidenced by any of FIVE facts: (1) adultery; (2) unreasonable behaviour; (3) desertion; (4) 3-year separation by consent; and (5) 4-year separation without consent.

You haven't taken Family Law I suppose?

Andrea Fonseka said...

Lol. Thanks luv. No I haven't, am leaving that for my final term. ;) Thanks for the update though! :)

~*esther*~ said...

i caught knocked up too~ n i felt the same way too, besides the funny scenes, its realli real in a good way, at least some of us will realise things u mentioned! (:
lol pitera! wait till i've more molah sure to buy for mom & myself! cant wait to see ur review!

ShadowDancer said...

Hi Andrea..:)
Actually nothing is an accident..right?...XD

And anyway hu wld like a drunkard hu spends all his money on himself without sparing a thot abt u?
Husbands mus be caring...

BTW is Demi ur cat?

ShadowDancer said...

ohh..and i wldnt marry a girl wifout an ambition..Cause we mus always hav goals in life..Its never abt money..

And i also wldnt divorce immed.
Shld try 2 work things out and not quit out on each other jus after an obstacle...


SEACJCS said...

(A) A hundred and forty bucks for plastic nails? :O I don't take care of mine...and they're real!

(B) I wouldn't have pegged something called KU as being remotely sweet. ;)

(C) I've always been against recreational drugs, but would see somebody who stopped using.

(D) I can understand SHARING the financial burden, but why must your man be able to SUPPORT you? :P

(E) You don't need somebody as ambitious as you. You need somebody who can support your ambition, and empathise. There's a difference. I've mentioned this before.

(F) Despite the above, I pretty much agree with your process of mate selection. I think you just overstate your case.

(G) "I would consider breaking a marriage up, but it'd have to be under extremely dire circumstances." The fling is enough for you? ;) Come on, A, you're just GIVING them to me now...

(H) I'm as pro-choice as I am pro-drugs, which I'm not. And I have GREAT respect for women who see their "accidents" through, but I'm going to shut up...before I rant.

(I) I'm quite glad you "happened". Tell your parents they did a good job. :D

(J) We agree on the important stuff. You must be a smart girl. ;)

Andrea Fonseka said...

Shadow: Yep, Demi's my cat,. :)

Path: Maybe I'm just old fashioned? Men look at their work as a very large part of being, well, "The Man." I wouldn't want to be with an emasculated guy cause he isn't able to support his family with the basic necessities (water, electric, Cable tv.. hehehe). Perhaps i'm generalising here. BUT if I do manage to find a guy that is more than secure enough to just play the 'empathetic, emotionally supportive' role, I may try it out, cause I've never come across someone like that before. lol.

I think its all about a balance of power. The person with the money cannot be the one with the power; cause then person with money will be EXPECTING way too much out of the person without it, and the person with no money and no power will feel, well, helpless.

Perhaps I digress a little too much here... heh.

Qarezma Kaps said...

relationships and men, ive stopped analysing on that subject for now... i cant keep up with what i can get, on the otherside i am too choosy to hook up with another guy, decided that maybe the problem is myself? ever felt that way before?

SEACJCS said...

It's common (and understandable) that many (men and women) see themselves as their professions. It's also dangerous, and (to a great extent) it's why people face such crises when they lose their jobs. It becomes a crutch for many. For me, a job is something that puts food on the table. If I find it enjoyable or meaningful (the job, not the food...or the table), that's just icing on the cake. I'm a "cool mockerfuther", not a "soldier" or...

I totally agree that a man should have a part in the meeting of basic needs...we can't live on romance and fresh air alone. :O My issue was with the idea of "support", which implies that your man is going at it alone...and (conversely) securing your dependence on him. But you've never struck me as the type, and (like I wrote before) I actually happen to "support" your case (and cause). :)

I've never quite been the "empathetic, emotionally supportive" sort (you make it sound quite dirty), but I've been the power behind the curtain. ;) And I think you're spot on about balancing that power...however, isn't it inevitable? The person with the money "cannot" have the power? No...that person "should not" have the power, but "can" and (generally) "does".

And cable television is, inarguably, a necessity. ;)

The Eclectic Being said...

Hey Andrea,
Came across your blog and was reading through it...Its interesting...your life as a law undergraduate cum entertainment personality. I think it's pretty admirable how you juggle (successfully I presume?) the various activities your life is filled with. Will just wish you success in everything (help is but a prayer away, eh?...God Bless!

Marcus said...

Hi Andrea,

Nothing to do with this post. Well i was listening to this podcast and i kinda heard your name being mentioned towards the end. Something about being some of the best forum posters on Reed Hoffman?

Haha just wondering if that's the same person here...

-f-l-o- said...

I am a traditionalist pro-life but I won't choose to protest and judge those who are not. Everyone is entitled for their own choise and opinion but as yours on abortion is same as mine, you definitely got my vote.


|Г*~` 羼G耄 `~*ぇ| said...

Saw u for real when I attended LTD a few weeks back. U 3 looked gorgeous of course. Great job hosting. It's not as easy as it looks.

Main gist of this comment though is that I agree with you on all points esp the pro-life bit! WTG!

Andrea Fonseka said...

milamber: uh no. Wasn't me. ;)

Andrea for PM? LOL. not in a gazillion years babe. If I were to campaign though, these would be my callings for change:

1. Four day work weeks (takes a good day to get over a hangover)

2. Bars will must NOT let hookers in, they will be fined if they did.

3. People who abuse animals will be caned. ALOT.

4. Models that are too skinny wont be allowed to work.

5. Cinema houses who show bad movies will have to refund money.

6. Cable tv will be subsidised by the govt

7. Fully subsidised medicine and education for handicapped, and poor. Richer people will be taxed for this.

8. Deodrant will be mandatory.

9. Japanese food will be subsidised. Lol.

10. Newton Hawker Centre will have a delivery service.

hehehehhehehe :D

SEACJCS said...

(A) Cable TV should not be subsidized...it should be FREE. :O

(B) It's "deodorant". :) And many ASIANS don't need it, even in this climate...

Andrea Fonseka said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo I BEG TO DIFFER. With deodrant. ;P EVERYONE needs deodrant, it doesn't matter if you're in the North Pole or on the Equator. Everyone should have it on, at all times. heehehehe

SEACJCS said...

I don't need deodorant. I don't know about YOU. ;P

You may look like a rose...but I SMELL like one. ;)

And when I was a soldier, I smelled like the fertilizer... :P

SEACJCS said...

And, again, it's "deodorant"... :P