Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm baaaack!!!

Okay so after the finals of Live the Dream, I decided to take a nice real break, which explains my sudden disappearance. Sorry-ah. ;)

Anyway I know its a little late for that now, but Congratulations to Fendi and By Def, for clinching the top spot, and to Victor and Cats, well done on a commendable job. Cheers all round.

Speaking of 'cheers'-ing, after the Finale, all of us decided to hop down to Wisma Atria, and we had a fantastic time. We were sweaty, make up was streaked, but what the hey! It was good fun. ;)

Grrr... I'm trying to upload pictures now and blogger is being a pain.

Anyhoo whilst we wait, lets talk on other fronts shall we.

Ah yes. This halloween, I did dress up, as an Oriental Dorethy. Yep, I was too lazy to go out shopping, so I put on my most modest "village girl" cheongsam, and tied two pleats. and wore red shoes and I was done! I'm still waiting for the pictures to be sent to me, so you'll have to watch this space for it.

And I know I said I took a break, but seriously there's never a complete break for me.. heh. I still had some work to do, went to a couple of events; Coach had a really fantastic fall winter line-up, I did a shoot for Urban which will be out 15th Nov, the Her World cover I did some time bacl will be out around the same time, and oh oh! I'm really excited about two more upcoming shoots, one for Style Bridal (I'm gonna be Utt's 'wife' on the cover! lol), and one more for Maxim, which will be out in Feb 2008. How I'm going to top the FHM shoot I did earlier this year.. I don't know. Lol.

Okay so something is very wrong with Blogger, will have to upload pictures another time.

Before I sign off, I'd like to wish my sister, Lena Fonseka, a very happy 26th Birthday. She was born on the 31st of October, and she's been a tremendous friend and a fantastic sister to me throughout my teens (God knows I was a terror!). She's in Perth at the moment, I do miss her. She was the first person I ran to when I went through a rough patch about two years ago, and I know she'll always be there for me if I should need her. What more can a younger sister ask for? :) Love you Lena, thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Unfortunately all my pics of her are in my old laptop, which I really should transfer over soon I know.. sorry. Procrastinator's bone in me. ;D


Feequa said...

hai andrea.:)

I've been waiting for u to update ur blog n yes finallayy! hehe.

n oh oh.. I just wanna ask u something since this topic is related to me as well.

How do u cope with ur studies despite of all the photoshootings n events going on? Ima 1st year law student n m doin UOL external degree (the hardest thing on earth) n m thinking of doing a part time job but m just afraid it's gonna affect my studies.

so any advice?:)

Take care yah.

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...


1st like, happy bday to your sis =)
although i don know her la. haha

i can see by that, your rest is like only 1 or 2 days . what's your longers rest? 1 week or lesser? lol.

chnrxn said...

> Grrr... I'm trying to upload pictures now and blogger is being a pain.

You can try Picasa. It uploads, at one go, a bunch of pictures that you select. All you need is a Google account (Blogger is owned by Google anyway).

Manjoe said...

yes yes please upload more pics to your blog,i luv pictorial blogs and often stop by here.
one question,do 'contact andrea' works?i did click on it and sent u an email but no reply lah hehehe

Initial J said...

Its not easy being who you are.. but that's what makes you, Andrea. =)
We all go through hell & came back better... Like you, you've made a great come back.
Get a good rest or holiday... c yea.

ShadowDancer said...

umm...Wats d meaning of procrastinator's bone

心魔 said...

rafeeqa: The actual amount of lesson-time in NUS law school is actually very low. The onus is on a student to do his/her reading and revising conscientiously. Many of them decide spend their time outside school doing anything but study, then cram last-minute when it comes to exams.

SEACJCS said...

It's nice to have you back. :D

I don't think there are many dresses more beautiful than the Cheongsam (or Qipao, for the sticklers). :P There certainly aren't many women who can wear one like you do. I've seen photos of you in (I think) a black Qipao, and it was truly a vision...even for you. :O I've already asked you to have my kids, right? ;)


I'm pretty sure you're talking about plaits...tying pleats would be quite a feat. :P

"I'm still waiting for the pictures..."

Me too...but I won't tell you WHY. :O


But if you'd told me about it, I could've gone as your lion...growl. :)

Send my best to your sis...was she the one who posted a few moons back?

SEACJCS said...


If you think that's "the hardest thing on earth", you've had a really good life.

The hardest (natural) thing is actually diamond.


Andrea Fonseka said...

Path! Y'know I hate to say this, but I missed you, and your rambles, and your pointing out how I always have some mistake in my post. ;) Seriously. I love it, hey i'm only human. heh.

Shadow - procrastinator is somehow who always "does tomorrow what can be done today" - And i have that bone in me meaning.. i'm like that too. lol. sometimes, not all the time lah.

Rafeeqa: the only reason why i'm doing what i do now, is because this is the career that I am chosing to go into. Windows of opportunities only open once in a while, and that's why i seized it while I am still in school. Nonetheless, there are many students who also work part time for extra cash, and yet manage to balance school and work. only you will know if you can do it or not my dear, and best of luck in your choice. let me know how it goes, k? :)

SEACJCS said...

(A) Why should you hate to say it? Everybody misses me sometimes. ;) And I'm glad you told me. You've put this RIDICULOUS GRIN on my face. :)

(B) They are NOT ramblings...they are insightful observations on life, succinctly articulated. :O

(C) Your posts don't generally have mistakes...and there's nothing wrong with being "human". Your willingness to listen is a credit to your character, and will serve you well...people who don't listen, don't learn. Frankly, I don't correct people who aren't worth the effort.

(D) I didn't know you stayed up this late... :O

Dysprosium said...

Did you take any pics with The Click Five on the LTD Finals? I miss those guys so much... If you have any pics of them or with them, do post them up! Thanks!