Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I hate saying NO.

I do try to be nice, you know!

I got this message on FB only just.. I thought I'd share it on my blog. Please note however, that not all girls that the MUM prelim judging panel said no because of this. It would be useful, however, to note the points that I have outlined below...


hi andrea,
im xxxxx from xxxxxxx..
could i know wat should i improve for my perfomance?
I could wish to join it next year..
i got no chance to ask u n u just told me tat u r not in to the final...
hope u remember me..
pls give me some advice...

thank u...

My Response:


I admire your dedication in coming to KL.

First of all - the impression I got from you was that you had no further ambitions *after* Miss Universe Malaysia. What do you want to do with your life? Are you able to honestly answer that question?

Secondly, you did not impress the judges with your intelligence, wit and charisma. Maybe you were just having a bad day? If so, I am sorry. Being Miss Universe Malaysia is more than having a beautiful face. I hope you do know that by now.

Lastly, it was unfortunate for you but the depth of talent we had this year was amazing. All the women in the top18 have an Xfactor about them - something which makes them special. There were also many girls who possessed that Xfactor whom did not make it to the finals. Take comfort that you were not the only one we had to say no to.

I hope that helps answer your question?

Take care and good luck in your future endeavours.


A note to future Miss Universe Malaysia Finalists (and everyone else, really).

If you're writing a serious email, to someone you do not know personally, using the correct Punctuation (Capital letters, full stops!), is very important. Really, REALLY important.

Sigh.. Now I feel really bad. Hope she's not too upset, and that she doesn't take what I said the wrong way.

Oh by the by, things have been going AMAZINGLY well. We've completed the top18 photoshoot, I have JUST looked through THOUSANDS of photos (I kid you not) to pick the best of the best pictures! I am very excited, and happy with the results. Go Team MUMO on our first Photoshoot! ;)

Oh. And while I'm at it - I really need to start planning my wedding proper soon....




Adrianna said...

Hi Andrea, personally i feel that being frank will always have both the negative and positive side.It all depends on how that person take it. For me, i prefer someone being frank to me about stuff ;)

So don't feel bad anymore!


Amy said...

HI Andrea! Wow! It has been ages since we last seen each another (or rather you seeing me because I have seen you appearing on tv & mags) since high school! I was there at MIFA when you were hosting it. It was great to stumble upon your blog. Congrats on being the National Director of MUMO & the success that you've achieved today :D You’re an inspiration! Continue your great work!

Amy Chong

p.s: congrats on your engagement ;)