Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty 101: I got it from my Momma.

First of all, apologies for not updating as often as I should've. It's been crazy times, and .. well, I just got a bit lazy. Facebook is killing my urge to blog, I have to say, because I update EVERYTHING there! But then again there's nothing like a good article, for long term reference, eh? :)

Anyway on to the topic - Beauty 101. I got it from my Momma. Seriously.

When I was little I used to admire beautiful women (yes I started young), and I remember how I kept asking her, "Ma, is she beautiful?". Mommy knows best, right? Mother used to surprise me sometimes, because she'd say, "No, not really" to someone whom I thought was absolutely gorgeous. When I asked her why, she'd go on to explain to me:

There's a difference between being 'pretty', being 'attractive' and being 'beautiful'. To see if someone's really beautiful (judging purely on outer beauty of course), you have to look first at the eyes, then the nose, then the mouth, then bone structure, and overall face shape. Last but not least, the facial balance is important - that is how all the features complement each other! A Beautiful woman will be beautiful yesterday, today and tomorrow. Add 10 years, 10 pounds, it wouldnt matter. That lady you pointed out was 'pretty', not 'beautiful'. That 'Pretty' lady won't age as well as a 'Beautiful' lady.

Like with many other things explained to me as a child, I didn't understand what she was talking about, up until now. I totally get it now though, based on my own experience, and based on learning from how my mother critically evaluated Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Pamela Anderson -- when I asked her to. (Of course plastic surgery has helped two of the three ladies stay 'attractive' to many, but only Alicia Keys was judged to be 'Beautiful' by Mommy - and that was, "only just"! )


Me: Mommy, is she beautiful?

Well, her face is very symmetrical - that's very important. Her eyes are quite nice, but they are slightly too close to each other. Her nose is a good shape, with a high enough bridge to complement her face. She has very nice, full and balanced lips, and they are of good shape. Her forehead-face proportion is perfect - her forehead is of one-third of her face, with her nose being one third, and  from the top of her nose to her chin, one-third. Her best features are her cheekbones - very strong. Her jaw is slightly square, but it suits her! Overall very attractive. She will age gracefully, if she takes care of her skin and weight.


She's very very beautiful.
Her eyes are beautifully balanced, of good size with high brow-bone. Her nose has a high bridge, perfectly balancing her very very high cheekbones. With such beautiful eyes, it is good that her lips are well shaped, even if they are not too thick. She has a very slender jaw, complementing her overall beauty. Only thing if I were to criticize - her forehead is a touch too big. But that's okay - it doesn't stand out, because her face is so balanced! She will age very gracefully, and will retain her beauty well.

Really? I ask.

Lupita, 10 years on. *Jaw drops, homigawd.*

 But Mommy, what about all these people whom everyone is crazy about??

Britney, younger, fresher

Britney is not beautiful, she's very pretty and attractive.
Her eyes - if you look closely - slope downwards at the outer corners. It is not so noticable with make-up but as she ages, that will be a problem for her. Her brow-bones are not very strong, her cheekbones not pronounced. She has a good nose, and pretty lips though! Her face is also very evenly balanced - forehead, nose, chin. Good face shape. But will not age well. She's pretty, and attractive.

Well, mum was right about this one - we all remember how Britbrit looked when she got a little chubby, and had hair issues. ;)


She's very attractive, and quite beautiful. Good eyes, though they are not spectacular. Nice lips. Her nose is too long, her tip too low. That's the biggest technical flaw on her face, but it goes well with her face shape so it's okay. She looks a little gaunt, and her features can be of a very pretty man. But that's what makes her such a good canvas to be a model! She will age well, provided she stays slim. If she puts on weight, her nose will be the center of attention (as it is the case in most people!), so she must be careful. Her face shape and bone structure (cheekbones and brow-bones) are her best features.

ME: Mommy, what about my Miss Malaysia, Nadine?


Nadine is pretty, very attractive, and beautiful. Her eyes are the most striking thing about her - it is very much like in the case of Lupita. They are beautiful, long, almond shaped. Her nose is slightly large towards the tip, but that is forgiveable and with the right make up you won't even notice it! She has a small mouth, which should be played up more because it is of a cute shape. Good face proportion, and very good cheekbones. But really, her stunning feature is her eyes - it is one of a kind, which is what makes her uniquely beautiful. This girl will also age well. But if she gains weight, her face might overwhelm her eyes, and they will not be the center of attention anymore - so she needs to be careful with that.
Andrea says: !!!!


Perfect. Even more beautiful than Lupita, in my opinion - at least in this picture anyway. Perfect face proportion, good bone structure, cheekbones. What I especially like (besides the perfect eyes, nose and mouth) is the fact that she has a full, healthy face. She doesn't look gaunt, which can be a problem for models, when they get too thin. She looks healthy, wholesome, and a plump face at her age will serve her well as she gets older. She will become even more beautiful in her 30s, trust me.

Next post - perhaps I'll get my Mummy to evaluate MY face. Hmm. Don't know if I'll be able to take it tho. ;)


Nashriq said...

Ask Your Mother about Our Queen Deborah Henry

mizztraveller said...

You also beautiful .
I love the way you looks . u still looks great even you have extra weight . Pretty and sexy looks that kill the man . xoxo

Anonymous said...

Andrea, why you pick mostly all white girls? Would be nice to see more Asians and your mum's critiques...that would be very interesting and fun.

Eshia Kar Mun said...

Hey there. I really enjoy reading this post so much. I have so much to agree with your mom about outer beauty. Typically and generally, many don't see how a women should be placed as beautiful. I have always agreed on bone structure and the nose and also how symmetrical a face should be to determine a beautiful person. Basically good jeans and a lot of maintenance and of course a proper diet can help contribute to how a person appears. Awesome post by the way. =) Love reading your blog and do keep it up. God Bless =)

Eshia Kar Mun said...

owh shoot.. its good genes =.= not jeans.. abit too late right now.. getting groggy..

Andrea Fonseka said...

Hi guys!
Anon: um, Venus Raj is Pinoy, Nadine is Chindian and.. Mexicans are Latina -- only two ang mohs la! ;)

Thanks guys, I'm really happy to be updating again!

:: Jo's Fashion House :: said...

your mum should be one of the judges during your roadshow and maybe advisor for the pageant! It's been too long since we have won anything :)

Anonymous said...

Eshia Kar Mun - u mean genes? at least spelling is not part of being beautiful.

i think i got good jeans if i wear levis...ha ha.

snoopy said...
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goingkookies said...

wahahha.. enjoyed reading this post.. very entertaining and educational! =)

Eshia Kar Mun said...

Dear anon. I have already corrected myself right below the first comment i have posted about my misspelling =)

Drew said...

i'm somewhat saddened by this post. the main gist of it is that beauty is the size of one's nose, or how far apart one's eyes are. it's very limiting, isn't it?

e.g. marilyn monroe's face is no match for any of the women you listed, but no one can deny that if you put them all in the same room, all eyes will be on marilyn.

so to summarise, it's regrettable that you're perpetuating a one-dimensional view of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Andrea~u looks great and mum Fonseka would say u have "perfect eyes" "nice bone structure" "full lips" and "u are beautiful".

on a side note: the Kimora lookalike thing, probably just the height, hair, that's all i can see that is similar.

Anonymous said...

lupita, beautiful? :S

i guess beautiful really lies in the eyes of the beholder

Anonymous said...

typo: *beauty

Andrea Fonseka said...

Drew - please note, that I stressed that this was to do with superficial beauty only. In no way is this the complete picture of what makes a woman beautiful. I realise that there is so much more to it than just a face, but my fans did want to know on a more detailed fashion, what makes a face beautiful. Hence I wrote this post - I'm sorry it saddened you, I had no intention of doing so.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post! Random request. Could you please give makeup tips or what you do with your eyes. I have the same eyeshape as yours but I don't know how to make it look as pretty as yours.


Anonymous said...

I think singhalese woman is most beutifull in Asia...For sure its close to south americans .

look at this years miss sri lanka line up..

crazyyyy .

Anonymous said...

I could give u some comments on your looks...your eyes are sloping downwards and you have no double eyelids...also have to watch those eyebags that need quite a big of photoshopping in pics..your upper lip is also slightly shapeless and looks as though quite a bit of botox has been injected into it...found out you're only guess would have been you're around 32-35..based on that i think you have to take extra care and invest in a few more anti aging products..apart from that you're good to go! loveee u on beautycamp btw..such a tyra wannabe but u got a hint of janice dickenson's evil going on in there..keep it up galfriend!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes! Debs and our new Queen, Kimmy! :) That would be interesting

farra said...

Can I have your mum evaluate me? Haha would love to hear her comments! :)
Nice post!