Monday, September 10, 2007

Crazy Lah.

I am so sorry I've not blogged in ages. :(

You see, I have this 5K essay due (anyone wanna help? Question I'm tackling is "Discuss the principle of common but differential responsibility"). This is to do with my course in Energy and Climate law, and its due on the 16th.

Only problem is, I'm busy (for the entire day) on Tuesday, Wed (night), Thursday and Saturday. Sunday (the day its due) I'll be flying back to KL (yes, not taking bus cause of all the accidents.. so don't worry!) and then back on Monday afternoon, in time for class at 6.30pm.

Tolong!! *laughs*

To be honest, I knew it'd be hard to juggle school and work, but I didn't think it'd be *this* hard. I am just taking one day at a time, trying to do as much as I can.

Well, I've done 1/3 of my paper, hope to be 'almost done' by tomorrow. Will have to work on it in the evening, cause I've got stuff to do during the day... sigh. Fittings lah, what to to.

On to other things, Chris Daughtry is coming! I so need to watch him perform, I've followed his career since the American Idol days. I hope tickets will still be available.

Oh and I'm going back to KL cause my nephew is in town! He's the cutest thing ever, his name's Lucas Fonseka Khoon, my oldest sister's firstborn. He's gonna grow up to be a heartbreaker, that one. Will try to post a pic up here asap. (New laptop mah, haven't transfered files over to this one yet cause.. well.. I'm technologically impaired.. and lazy, of course.)

So excited. I wonder how my pics with 8 days went.. hmm. Gotta go pick myself up a copy from the news stand tomorrow. Yes, Pathfinder, I still buy my own copies of mags. ;)


心魔 said...

If you can't cope, then I think you should chuck some of the activities for the sake of your schoolwork. I don't see why the bright lights, the hot shots and the glam can't be put on hold. You can indulge again in December.

Don't mess around with your final year - even if you don't intend to practice.

SEACJCS said...
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SEACJCS said...

I've already replied to most of this privately, so...

(A) I realise you're still buying your own mags... ;)

(B) I don't think it's a matter of "indulging in glamour", as the first post puts it. This is your CAREER, and timing is important. You should strike while the iron's If school is getting too much, you should take a break from THAT. Does NUS allow this? The worst of BOTH forcing BOTH activities, and graduating with bad grades...

fazzy said...

i don't know how this will sound like to you but i assure you i didn't mean anything mean..haha. this is the most normal side of you i've seen..

Did you take all intensives? I guess with work, that's the most viable option for you...its almost like part-time night school. well..good luck on your paper. the question seems pretty ok..i'm sure the answer is somewhere in the notes then you just need to smoke the rest a bit..haha.

beastz =O said...

I do agree with the first post that perhaps Andrea should need to re-consider her commitments both at work and school, and if she really can’t balance the two well, then there is an urgent need to cut down on whichever is of less importance now – which in this case, I would say her work.

Pathfinder is not wrong to say that she should strike it hot while her career is going strong. Staying out of the limelight right now might not seem as a wise move as far as her career goes, but as concerned fans we really do not like to see her sacrificing her studies if she cannot cope well, which she has obviously having some troubles now.

We would definitely still support her if her exposure is cut down just for her final year of studies. After all, she is still young, and she shouldn’t fear any upcoming competition from others, as we know she has what it takes, don’t we?

Feequa said...

hello andrea. I'm a big fan of yours. do drop ur "signature" in my blog yea:)I've linked ur blog to mine already.

Just follow ur instinct.:)

Do Take care. *hugs*

ShadowDancer said...

umm..I knw tis is completely irrevelant..But cld u wish me all d best for my PSLE examinations,cause i feel really nervous and scared...Cld u oso give me tips on how to reduce stress?

thx..My email is

THx angain..Study hard 2!! XD

Unknown said...

Now, for something more constructive than "I think you should do this or that"...

Yes, I can attempt a rather credible paper on your behalf, if you seriously need the help.


1) I'm no legal eagle, but have actual practical experience in the issue at hand : was Environmental Engineer at HP here, in charge of CFC phaseout, achieved this 3 years ahead of Montreal Protocol schedule, and ahead of US too. So yes, I understand some of the technical, practical & philosophical issues.

2) It has been shown in an interesting study, that smart machine logic engines were able to grade student papers to a better than 80% accuracy vis-a-vis learned professors' assessments, just based upon 2 things : a) presence of certain key words & phrases, & b) proximity & distribution of said key words/phrases relative to each other.

And it will be interesting to see how well I can do such a paper on short notice. Heck, maybe I can reincorporate as HOH Legal Services(Homework On Hire). ^_^


Amirul Idham said...

you still study?
where your studying now?

SEACJCS said...
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SEACJCS said...


Thanks for your comments.

But I think we're seeing two stereotypes at work here. First, the concept of fan loyalty. Second, the value of education...over profession.

As "concerned fans", yes, we don't want to see A "sacrificing her studies". But that doesn't mean we want her sacrificing her career. And even if you "still support her if her exposure is cut down", who's to say others will? Don't get me wrong...less exposure means I get A all to myself. But that's good for me, not for her.

Again, I don't know how NUS works. But if A needs to take a break, why the automatic assumption that her career should take the fall? School will always be there, kids. The wave she's riding won't. I'm not going to get into a debate concerning the merits of academia. I'm not going to say that A's work is more important than school. At this point, however, it's indubitably more urgent.

From best to worst...

(A) A continues juggling work and school, graduates with good grades on time.

(B) A puts school off for work, graduates later with good grades.

(C) A continues juggling work and school, graduates with bad grades on time.

(D) A puts work off for school, career tanks.

In any case, I doubt A needs our counsel. I think she was simply letting off steam...which makes you wonder why we're writing all this in the first place.

SEACJCS said...


You're going to get A into trouble, man.


Andrea Fonseka said...

Oit! lol

I am in no way going to put off school, (daddy's heart will break) - and I really want to get it over and done with; if you know what I mean. So that's not an option.

In a way, I am saying no to lots of work, due to the fact that I have exams / schedule clashes. So yah, where it can be done, work is still #2 on my list.

But as it comes in a very close second, I just sacrifice the one thing I can, *my own time* to tend to both as much as I can. Its true - I was letting off steam lah. ;D Suddenly all so serious. lol.

Equanimity: Eh pls ah. I do my work all by myself, really. :) Having fun with this one, surprising enough. Touching 2.5K now, just another odd 2K to do.

心魔 said...
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心魔 said...

Other than this blog, do you also keep a diary, as in, the REAL kind of diary... where you write, keep it absolutely personal and secret... until the day...?

beastz =O said...


Thanks for your comments as well. Yeah I probably gave impressions of "sterotyping" in my comments - should have meant more of "I" than "we" since it's from my POV.

In any case, I guess while we have different views of what Andrea should prioritize/focus on doing, she is mature enough to know what she wants to do now, and hopefully all goes well for her choices.

~*esther*~ said...

bought the 8days with u on the cover, hot hot hot!! (:

-steph- said...

You look kinda familiar. But not too sure. Heard about your blog from a friend.
Think I've met you in one of the "Dog Competition" in KL.

SEACJCS said...

(A) Your dad's heart will "break" if you PUT OFF school? :O I'm not asking you to DROP OUT or anything! On second thought, I'm not saying anything whatsoever. NOTHING. :P Uncle F, it wasn't me...somebody hijacked my account. I've been asleep. Good morning, A... :D

(B) You do your work "all by yourself"? Let me know where you are...korkor will come keep you company. ;)

(C) "Having fun with this one"? HAVING FUN? Put down that mouse, Miss, and step away from the computer. :P I'm sure everybody here thinks I REALLY enjoy writing...I HAVE done it in many forms. But guess what? I HATE writing term papers. I...hate...writing...papers. I'm glad that's over for me, even if SOME people are still at it. :O

(D) Tell you what...forget about me keeping you company while you work. Give the paper to and I can go dancing. Don't anybody tell E... ;)

SEACJCS said...


No worries...we may have differing views, but we're not that different. Women call me a beast too...a SEXY beast.


Unknown said...

Ohoh....tempted to take the Path less travelled?

Path, maybe it is our common but differential responsibility : I can do the paper & you can do the twinkle toes... but next week we have to switch jobs ^_^...

since every job has its rewards!