Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Man of My Life.

Okay here's the reason why I had to go to KL over the weekend.

Such the future heartbreaker, this one. Here's the little man of my life; with his train.

First, he took my on a walk, with the umbrella. Refused to put it down. Heh..

So Aunty Andrea had to pick him up and take him back inside. It was starting to rain. And Lucas didn't use the umbrella as a shield from the rain, either.

Then it was the main reason why I was home.
(isn't the cake so super cute? its supposed to be Lucas (the baby boy) and my dad, watching TV.)

Her we are, clamouring over the cake, which one to cut, Who to give what, etc. In True Fonseka Style, of course. ;)

Andrea Fonseka, Adeline Fonseka, and Lucas Fonseka Koon. Bless! :)

Incase y'all didn't know, my oldest sis, Adeline, has a son. He's almost two years old, and he's sooooo cute. Sooooo cute!!! [I want one too!! ;)]

Had a fab time back home, Mom and Dad were having a blast (they always love their grandson being home), and I even got a really cool video... Sorry bout the bit in the middle. If you listen really closely, you'll understand what happened. ;)


ShadowDancer said...

Ur nephew very cute...
My nephew oso 1 years old..

Btw tried d toothpaste on pimple ting..very gd..Pimple hardened up and dropped off..Anymore tips?

ShadowDancer said...

friday is ur "beauty segment" day issit?will hav tips ah?

mArMaLaDe said...

actually, u r a sabahan or what?just wondering that u said ur family was in KL

心魔 said...

This is the most meaningful video that you have ever posted on your blog.

kuKie said...

hi andrea! wow... i always thought that you look great, but its nice to know that underneath it all is a real person.

sometimes pretty people can be so fake you know?

all the best then!

SEACJCS said...

"I want one too!"

As do I. I hope you remember that I made you an...offer on this. It was, and is, a standing offer. ;)

SEACJCS said...

But you'll have to buy me DINNER first... :P

JuZ JZin said...

Your nephew is realli cute!

Good looks run in the family huh? =)

Must be really nice to have that opportunity to have a family gathering, seeing tt u are in Singapore and they over in M'sia. Happy fer u

~*esther*~ said...

now i miss going back to hk n see my relatives :( but ur nephew is uber cute! :)

Andrea Fonseka said...

MArmalade: I was born in Penang, and grew up in Petaling Jaya.

Yes I know my nephew's the cutest male in the world right now. hee hee hee. I cant wait for him to grow up, I'm so gonna be his favourite Auntie - I'll definitely try to be the "happening" aunt who teaches him how to pick chicks up. haha!

Aloysius said...

nice post and nice blog. i'll be reading it always :)

ShadowDancer said...

Ur nephew cute...XD
U gonna star in wat other shows?

Yakuza said...

cool blog..a great way to get closer to ur fans....anyway if u love pictures come view my blog at motionidgallery.blogspot.com..leave a comment to tell me how u think..thanks

Initial J said...

Your nephew's so cute & funny.. lol
It must a beautiful day for you & your family to celeb his special day. =)