Friday, September 21, 2007

Daughtry Showcase at Powerhouse

Four words: I love my job.

Answers to questions I know you might ask:
1. No, those aren't real tattoos. Its sleeves of my shirt from Ed Hardy.
2. Yes the guys were fantastic, really friendly.
3. No, Chris isn't really taller than me, he's tiptoe-ing.
4. Yes, they had a fantastic showcase.
Did I miss anything out? ;)


Feequa said...

i wish i was there.:S lol!

Lynette said...

Hell yeah!! I would also love my job if I were you! hahaha! I'd love to be a VJ one day ... like utt and co. Anyway, you look great! cheers andrea!

izzati said...

i think you really look like Erra Fazira... do you always get that?

Jeffrey said...

haha i thought those were real tattoos at first!

But the picture of u with daughtry is good ! what a handful =D !

Merah In Motion said...

Four words: I think Andrea rocks!

Bluebearies said...

andrea, u are such a rocker! i love the way u posed in front of the camera. and oh, 4 words: i SO envy u.

SU said...

Oh lucky girl :p

Fashionasia said...

love the shirt!! :)

ShadowDancer said...

u look pretty wif make up...
BtW when is d real concert?
intend 2 go

wc said...

hey there! were u the host for the roxy fragrance launch???

Andrea Fonseka said...

WC: yep that was me. :)
Showdancer: thanks luv. I don't know when it is lets hope its sometime soon! ;)
pinky: hehehe Yah i know. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to host the event. :D
Nur: Actually I got that a coupla times. I take it as a huge compliment - though I think she looks ALOT hotter than me. heh.
Lynette: don't stop dreaming babe. Go for your ambitions; it could come true and you wont know unless you give it a go.

Absolut Lestat said...

Not sure how Ms Fonseka takes criticism, but I felt that the hosting for the night was a tad contrived. And not going through all the band members in the introduction, namely the lead guitarist and the drummer, seemed like a snub. Perhaps their names were hard to recall.

Still, hosting looks like such a tough gig that she deserves all credit for not flubbing any lines and looking gorgeous as usual.

Andrea Fonseka said...

Roy: Thanks for it luv. It allows me to explain myself. ;)

I wasn't allowed to go through all band members, because the Daughtry management only allowed three questions directed to three members. I tried to prolong it even by asking about two questions to each member when I was up there. And I did talk to the lead guitarist - Josh Steely's the lead guitarist.

As for it being contrived: I was told exactly what to do and I did it. I did make some suggestions, namely getting audience members to come up on stage before the band started, so see where they were from, give away freebies etc, but that was chucked due to security reasons. O well. ;) The show was fantastic, and my role was minimal, really. They really wanted to keep the focus on the band.

All in all, I have to say, I could've done a better job. (Self critical as always la) But sometimes I can only do as good a job as I'm allowed to do... Yknow? ;)

Absolut Lestat said...

Thanks for the clarification. Hope you weren't offended by my misguided presumptions.

I guess it's all part and parcel of showbiz. Even Daughtry and his crew were guilty of spouting cheesy rehearsed lines to endear themselves to the maddening crowd too. ;)

About the lead guitarist gaffe, actually, I'm not familiar with Daughtry or his band. Am just a sucker for free-flows.

Hope to check out another of your hosting gig again. Good luck for your papers.

wc said...

cool! u actually reply! me, my gf and fren just realised that u were the host.. u looked different real life! i mean, we knew who andrea fonseka was, but u seemed so much more real in real life. hahaha.

btw, we were the "sad" ones who kept going up to stage to get freebies.

- deep voiced short man, sunkissed skin girl and pinky cheeks.

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