Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Small Smiles and Tingles

21st of January 2007:

My eyes fluttered open. It was still dark, I squinted at my digital bedside clock. 6.27am. I turn on my side, pulling my covers up closer to my chin. Skit lets out a disapproving *mew* as my left foot accidentally brushes up against him. Foetal position, I shut my eyes tightly. Today's the day.

I gingerly pushed my toes out from under my sheets. Its cold. Biting my lower lip, I push myself up, and out of bed. Skit decides to go back to sleep. With a small smile, I slowly make my way to the bathroom. Deciding against turning the light on, I look at myself in the mirror. I could see the outline of myself, the light from the streetlamp outside the bathroom window cast a dark purple-grey-green shadow. I turn to my side, checking out how my 'abs' looked. Running my right hand over my flat midriff, I pursed my lips approvingly. It seemed surreal; not too long ago it didn't look like that. I didn't look like that. Like this, I mean. A little tingle ran down my back, and a warm feeling filled me from tummy to chest.

This could very well be the beginning of many more things to come. Who knows; this FHM cover shoot might even break me into the industry in Singapore.


4th September 2007:

My eyes flutter open, as my phone's alarm rang. Blindly searching for it to my right; my fingers run across its familiar hard, cold casing. Flipping it open, without even looking, I hit the "disable" button.

I allow my hands to drop back on the bed, as I allowed my eyes to wake up with the rest of my body. Today would be a good day, I told myself as the sun shone through the bedroom window. With a big lazy stretch, I occupy the entire queen sized bed for a brief moment.

I walk towards the bathroom, flick on the heater to prepare the water for my shower. My cats, happy I'm awake, let me know that its time to feed them. I look at the Ikea clock hanging in the dining room though the kitchen; its 9.30am. I better hurry up - I thought to myself. Only an hour before I need to leave for my very first solo cover shoot with 8 Days.

Then it finally hit me, again. 8 Days. Singapore's widest selling English entertainment magazine, is featuring ME, Andrea Fonseka, on its cover. Did I expect it? No. Am I humbled? Yes. Has the work, time and effort been worth it? Hell yeah. A small smile curled my lips once again - that same familiar small smile I had sometime back. That same tingle ran down my back, as I stirred my coffee. Cupping my black mug with both hands, raising it to my lips, I sipped it.. steaming hot as always. It tastes better than I remembered.

It was sweet. Very, very sweet.


心魔 said...

Hi A, it's Scorpion (formerly x-mate). Since you have now disabled anonymous comments, I have no choice but to use my original registered identity. It's in Chinese characters so it might turn up as gibberish on your screen. You've seen it before though (see my comments to your blog entries dated 16th & 17th May 2007 for my transition from this original identity of mine to "x-mate" back then).

Anyway, yes, read your latest entry.

Honestly, and I mean well. Don't you think your blog is getting a bit too narcissistic?

fazzy said...

wow that so brought me back to the secondary school days of creative writing, compositions and extremely descriptive story books.eeks..

Andrea Fonseka said...

I meant this post to be of one that I would be able to reflect on. More like little tacks on my roadmap through life. It wasn't meant to be overly self concieted; (i admit, I felt a little chuffed with myself today though lol) - but I just wanted to reflect on things, y'know?

For all those times people said I'd never make it, For all those times I had self doubt.. For all the times people told me not to follow my dreams. I'm so glad I did.

Unknown said...

A, how come there is no pictures of your birthday party? cakes and all?!? what did you have/do?

and speaking of PARTIES........ =)

~*esther*~ said...

sweetie, congrats! (: i totally adore smart n pretty ladies! (: look forward to that issue coming out~

ShadowDancer said...

i notice ur english all very perfect leh..FLAWLESS!!
Anyway...pls forgive me...u look kinda fat in the healthtoday picture..
Do visit my blog.

ShadowDancer said...

Umm..y not talk abt ur childhood and abt ur day?(jus a suggestion..)

Jethro Lim

ruddin said...


Speaking of coffee, I would like to recommend the Aik Cheong brand... "power".:)

Unknown said...

Haha...after a few more times, you, and your fans, will get used to it like, "not ANOTHER Zoe Tay/Fann Wong cover!!!"

But it's your blog....you're entitled to be as self-indulgent & narcissistic as you want.

BTW, recent article says that getting out of bed early is bad for your health...perhaps 40 winks on the bus will help a bit (and you see less of the obnoxious old octogenarians ;-))

Methinks the whole thing about the oldsters is a matter of stereotype... why is it ALWAYS schoolkids who push a donation box in your face on weekends every time you exit the MRT or walk on Orchard? Have you EVER seen them pursue the oldies? I don't believe I have. But I have a very interesting trick that usually elicits some good manners from the oldies... NEVER immediately offer your seat : make sure nobody else is going to offer theirs first, THEN, with a show of great reluctance ^_^, offer it, especially after a few minutes' delay...and if necessary, loudly enough for others to overhear...
95% of the time they will either decline with some embarrassment, or thank you PROFUSELY!!!

As for barangs on seats or obstructed seats, noone has yet refused me when requested.