Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh, look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone..

Woke up this morning feeling particularly dreary. (Aiyoh why my posts so depressing these days?! Sigh. Sorry ah. :P)

Last night I spent a coupla hours with Eugenie watching a Gladiator and then a really stupidly funny chick flick on HBO. We had our laughs and then she went home, and then... I was alone again. Well, not really, Skit and Demi were with me. I got ready for bed, (cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, nightcream. bleah.) and slipped under the covers. Skit tried to get into the bedroom (clawing at the door, that spoilt little kitty), so I let him in after 20 minutes. Then I just tossed and turned, and although I was exhausted I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep. Fine. So I got up, went to my fridge and pulled out my favourite bottle of red wine (its the only one that I drink), which is a Brown Brothers Shiraz, its a slightly effervescent sweet red wine. I sat at my computer desk and stared out into the night.

I've got work this morning till evening. Shooting a drama called Enbloc. Yesterday I was marinated in a tub of milk for a shoot! Lol. I love how I do something different everyday... but I'm realy tired, guys. I think all this rushing around, University and preperations... is leaving me with little time with myself lately. I know I said before that "Me" time is overrated, but.. I don't know. I'm not sure I know much anymore.

Oh bloody hell. Enough with wallowing in self pity or whatever it is that is making me feel this way. I'm flying home tonight to be with my family, (the ENTIRE family is back, Lucas included! YAY! I get to see my nephew! :D) and best of all, I'll get to sit down in front of the telly, pass my dad that tub of (now low fat, low cholesterol) icecream, and chill with him. He'll probably have gone out to buy durians for me too. *smiles*

Alrighty I've gotta run. Need to be at Holland in 30 minutes. Time to gulp down this now lukewarm coffee and start my day.

Big hugs to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. Thank you.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Tara. :)


Manjoe said...

i'm just curious,if u fly home who's gonna take care of your cats in Singapore?(i'm a cat owner too)

Unknown said...

Love you and thank you for wishing me on your blog.

Everyone- This is why Andrea Fonseka is an amazing person-she never forgets people and finds her little waysto make them feel special.

sheon said...

hey...durian's not good for yer dad. go easy on that... :P

hope you have great family fun when you're back!


Gabriel said...

I will support you on the charity, wholeheartedly:) good to know that you look forward to set your own charity. Way to go, girl:)
Take care.

Gabriel said...


Sorry to hear about your dad. Wanna share something with you. My Dad had 2 major bypasses, 2001 and 2004. He was complaining about difficulty in breathing then. He is perfectly fine now and exercises regularly too. He is even fitter than before:)

You need to constantly assure your dad that he will be fine in no time because he is a fit guy ( mentioned by you) and now he had just undergone a major ops. Psychologically, he will feels that his health and fitness level are not as good as before. These negative feeling can have great impact to his morale. It is important that He has constant support from all his love ones now. Remember to call back often to encourage and assure he will be fine, like my dad in no time k.

Does he smoke? if yes, please encourage him to quit k. Please encourage him to go for a slow walk with your dogs in the park once he is deem fit to do so k. Exercise is key for bypass patient to recover k.

Meanwhile, you take it easy and go back and visit him more often if you can k.

Bottomline, most bypass patient will be as normal as before and even better after the ops. You have to give him this assurance k.

Sorry i sound like a nanny.

We will all pray for his speedy recovery k.

You take care too, Girl.

God Bless and miss you:)

ShadowDancer said...

Its been a long time since i last visited ur blog..How r u?..No new shws?/

Brandon Teo said...

Do I smell a Lennon fan here?
"Oh, look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone.."