Friday, January 4, 2008

Sleepless in Singapore, Scene 22 d, Take 4!

Okay so we've been shooting a coupla days now for the upcoming movie Carrotcake Conversations... and I can say a few things about my experience so far:

1. Adrian Pang and Alaric Tay are amazing actors.
2. Shooting in hawker centres is really difficult (noise pollution!).
3. I'm getting little to no sleep (think shooting from 9pm to 9am, then having a photoshoot to go for at 3.30pm that same day!! That's what I gotta go through today! :().
4. My character is alot of fun to play.
5. Michael Wang and the entire team working on set are extreeemely patient and professional.

Okay so I'm halfway through the shooting now, only about a week more to go nocturnal before its a wrap and school starts. (!!!) The year has barely begun and already I'm in need of another holiday. Lol.

Anyway on to more pressing details. I have come across a case of a cat that needs to be adopted. If any of you, or if you know of anyone who would like a new addition to the family, please email Magdalene Lim at Info on the cat:

The vet estimated she's about 5 years old. She lived as a stray until she was taken in. She was diagnosed with a liver problem, but I can assure you alot of pets actually have this as their diets aren't exactly healthy. She got hospitalized for a while, but the vet discharged her because she has fully recovered. No fleas nor ringworm. She is remarkably trusting with human beings. She allows herself to be carried, very affectionate, and litter trained. Its really rare to find such a pretty, loving little cat. She just needs someone who'll love her despite her condition, and watch out for any relapse (my worry). She's ginger all over, sterilized, and has a clipped ear.

Here are some pictures, I really hope any of you can help. I would love to take her in but unfortunately my two cats haven't responded well to newcomers and I fear for her safety should I bring her into my home. (Skit's pretty big and fierce.)

Isn't she adorable??? *sigh*.. breakin' my heart really. Lol. Again, please forward all enqiries to Magdalene Lim,

Lets find this cute little thing a home, people! :D


SEACJCS said...

"Pang...amazing actors."

Pang is a great actor and comic...the second being the MORE difficult of the two.

You seem to be working with him a LOT.

"My to play."

Bad for you to play, and for me to play WITH.


"She lived as a stray..." sounds like she was abandoned.

Merah In Motion said...

Gosh, I LOVE cats and by the description of this one - she seems a nice cat to have and love but my sister just gave birth to another baby boy, so can't have cats around she says.

Why can't she just give birth to a kitten...


Anonymous said...
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Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

andrea!! and every 1 who is reading this.. i believe barb michelen is a scam! i'm not v sure la but i know there's alot of those at home make money web thing. they say u pay 99$ to make more then a $1000 all those are like fake! u give them 99$ they more then happy liao lo... thats y the scammer earn more then $1000 in awhile.

Good Nite ` Kimmi said...

oh ya one more thing! =x the cat is really cute haha

~*esther*~ said...

if not for my dogs i m definitely taking in this cat! but i tried once b4 n the dogs din respond veri well either :(

Unknown said...

hope little ginger here gets adopted soon! She's absolutely adorable!!!