Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I should be finishing my paper..

But I had such great news today that I just had to blog about it and share it with you guys. ;) (*prompt awwwwwww from the audience, so touching that I thought of you guys,my honoured blog readers first. lol*). Yes, I had fantastic day.

1. Today was the launch of the new Marie France Spokesperson in Singapore.
Yeppers, Marie France Bodyline has extended my contract to Singapore (*woot*!) so the story of my past will be more known here on the Island. I hope to serve as an inspiration more so now than ever, to all of you out there; that if you want something, you can achieve it. I did. And this time last year, I would've told you that it'd be impossible to be where I am right now... (not like its so great or anything, I still have a looong way to go to be in the same league even as the big stars here in Singapore, but hey its somewhere, right?). So yes. To quote the Adidas campaign; Impossible is Nothing.

Much thanks first and foremost, to Marie France Bodyline, for the amazing opportunity, and for being such a joy to work with. Coming in a close second; Clarence for the makeup, there's a reason why he's known as one of the best in Singapore. Jeremy for being such a great guy with the styling; I wouldn't have looked as good without his taste in fashion. Ryan, for the hair - my hair is every hairstylist's nightmare btw. I have alot of it. Too much. ;D

Photos and stuff coming up very soon I promise.

Now on to the second reason why I'm a happy bunny..

2. Chris Daughtry is coming to Singapore.
I love love his music. I have grown to be quite the rocker chick as of late, and I have to say that he started my growth in musical taste from American Idol last year. He's such a great performer, I can't wait to catch him in action at St. James Powerhouse on the 20th of Sept. That's like next week, and I'm SO PSYCHED!

What's better is this: The wonderful people at Sony have requested that I host the event! *jumps up and down*

Two words. KENNOT WAIT!

Okay so I'll get back to reading Duncan French's article on "Developing states and international environmental law" now. Pooh.

ps. I would also like to highlight a few things:
i. The 8 days cover turned out fantastic, the photospread inside was fab. Thanks to the team for that once again.
ii. Initially when I read the interview, I was a little dazed as some of the statements I made were taken out of context. But after going through it again; I have to say that it could very well be due to the fact that the poor writer had to edit SO MUCH of what I said; due to the fact that I tend to talk ALOT when I get interviewed. If she wrote what I said, exactly as to how I said things; the interview would be something like 10 pages longer. Plus she gave it an obviously slightly more interesting twist; 8days is an entertainment magazine after all. Just one of the examples, below. There are quite a few bits in the article that I should clarify as well, let me know if you'd like to know which bits.

eg: When she asked me what I do to prepare for cover shoots, I mentioned that I sometimes (once a month?) eat watermelon the night before a shoot for dinner. She didnt have the page space to go on and say that, actually I love fruit, and would quite happily eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner... and when I eat watermelon for a 'cleansing' effect (love the detox that follows a meal of fruit), that its not just one slice. I have approximately HALF a large watermelon. So obviously it fills me up. *laughs* Just thought I'd clarify that bit.

Y'know what? Since I am already procrastinating doing research paper as it is, and I'm in the mood for some creative writing, I think I'm going to write out some little tricks of the trade that I've learnt thus far - with regards to looking good for a special day. Hope you girls (and guys?) find this useful, for say a big date, or Prom Night. ;)

Simple Tricks to and Tips to Look that Little Bit Better!
1. If you tend to retain lots of water, try to cut down on salty food for a couple of days before the Big Day. I'm not saying that you need to go on a sodium-free diet, but maybe just push aside that bag of Twisties for a later in the week?

2. Try to have dinner early the day before, as late night foods may cause bloat in some people.

3. Use a facial mask a day before, to moisturise the skin.

4. If you fancy a tan, and would like to get a healthy Glow to your skin, jump into the shower and spend a good 20 minute body scrub. I love those scrub gloves you can get at any local pharmacy, just pump the (moiturising!) body wash on the gloves and go crazy. Your skin will feel really nice and smooth. If you really have the time and energy, use this special scrub (that I learnt from something I read Catherine Zeta Jones does). [Very useful if you aren't able to pamper yourself with body treatments from Marie France.]

DIY Moisturising Body Scrub
5 tablespoons of honey.
4 tablespoons of salt.

Take mixture and use as ordinary body scrub. Scrub till salt disolves, or you get tired or bored. ;) Please make sure that it doesn't go into your eyes, and that you don't have any paper cuts/shaving grazes anywhere. :S Otherwise it'll be a momentarily blinding moment of pain in the shower, and I will not be held responsible for any injuries that follow.

5. No money or time for hair treatments? No worries. Put extra moisturising conditioner in hair, put a shower cap over it, and wait for approximately an hour (or more if you like) while you go about your day at home. I do this sometimes when I wake up in the morning, while I answer emails and such. The 'softness' of the hair won't last as long as it would if you had it professionally done, but its good enough for 'that special occassion'.

6. Moisturise your body before bed. Any body lotion will do, just put as much as your skin will absorb before jumping into bed.

7. If you're going to be appearing in skin-baring clothes (eg. halter gown, or even a bikini) ; an even tan ALWAYS makes you look more toned, and slimmer. If you dislike the sun and want to opt for a more temporary look, use a sunless tan, comes in lotion or spray form, available at most pharmacies. I know for a fact that the at the Isetan in Scotts sells 'em. Apply only when you're not going out, and after you do so don't wear anything light coloured; it'll stain the clothes. Leave lotion on for approx 3 hours before washing off residue. (pssst. I did this for the FHM shoot; nice even colour on the skin, right? :D) Don't over do it otherwise you'll end up looking like carrot. It has an orange tint to it, see. And VERY IMPORTANT; remember to wash your hands thoroughly after. Otherwise your palms and nails will get stained. Not a pretty sight.

8. DONT PICK THAT PIMPLE. If you're out of pimple cream, dab a little toothpaste on it the night before. It'll help dry out the pimple. Just make sure it doesn't smear on the rest of your face, (and I said DAB, as in a LITTLE BIT), toothpaste is NOT good for the skin.

9. Wash your hair the day before the big day, very thoroughly, as 'one day old' hair is easier to style than freshly washed hair. This applies only to girls with long hair.

10. Rest well the day before. And don't try to update blogs at 2.30am just cause you want to avoid doing work that is due at the end of the week.


Hope that helps, tell me if you try any of the above. Let me know how it works out. ;)


TaNaT DaMaN said...

Hi Andrea, can I confess that I truly love the 8 days issue featuring you inside... one song i would dedicate to u is "When You're Looking like That"... 5 foot 10, catsuit and Bambi eyes. I still cant quite figure out how u could morph from 'nan ren po' to certified mei nu :-p

~*esther*~ said...

oooh u lucky girl! :) definitely trying out ur tips soon enuff! take care~

beastz =O said...

The 8 days photoshoot is great. But I have the feeling that the interview seems to be a little.... "manipulative edited". The whole interview doesn't seem...positive. Maybe it's just the cynical me.

Jeffrey said...

really enjoyed reading your recent blog post !
be a happy bunny always and enjoy daughtry gig here !

ShadowDancer said...

Love ur story on 8-days...
Yes,i read 8-days...
So how u coping wif ur hw?

心魔 said...

Congratulations on the Marie France thingie.

Diane said...

Omg Daughtry is coming?!? Gahh, do you know how we can get tickets?? :)

Oh yes, and congrats on the 8 days cover! You looked lovely and sounded witty!!

SEACJCS said...

(A) Yes, I saw the MF ad today. I'm probably a little partial, but that's one of the better BEFORE pics I've seen. :)

(B) I USED to like CD. :P Just remember he's married...

(C) I ate too much watermelon once. Don't do it. Fructose can have...unpleasant effects. :O

(D) You ARE procrastinating...this is one of of your longer posts. Go back to your paper...while I go back to my surfing. :D

(E) I've never heard of that thing with the toothpaste... :O

(F) Looking good is way too much work...guess that explains the way I look. :P My entire system consists of a shower...if I feel like it. :O Sometimes, I even use soap! Otherwise, I just develop that "manly scent" to drive the girls wild... ;)

Merah In Motion said...

Yo, Andrea!

Just wanted to tell you I'm becoming a huge ass fan of yours day by lovely day.

You look soooo comfortable with yourself in front of the camera and that wit and laughter - so sexy!!

Congratulations on the stellar performance so far on Live The Dream! I honestly tune in just to watch you.

Ok, before I start sounding like a maniac stalker, I better get my bum off to bed. My Murakami's beckoning although Kafka On The Shore doesn't sound as intriguing as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles (so far only, as I'm still in chapter 8).

Keep it up, Andrea!!

Your fan,
Chief Monkey

Bluebearies said...

i tried putting toothpaste on my pimple before. it really works! lol. i love you on 8days!! i bought 2 copies, for keepsake, hehe. and i'd like to know more abt the bits that were taken outta context.

Andrea Fonseka said...

Dianne: Apparently you can get tickets if you're a member at St. James Powerhouse, or log on to

Path: Thanks luv. Marie France people reknowned for always taking great pictures; they get the best of the best in the field to work at it, so I've been very berry blessed. :)

Chief Monkey: That's so cool. Thanks for dropping a comment in my box, made my day. :)

Bluebearries: See I no lie one. :P Toothpaste works. hehe. Will update on things taken outta context in a bit. At work at the mo', Espn.

oh and Path, what you mean 'used' to like him? Yeah i know he's married, rest assure my paws will be in my pockets on the big night. ;)

ShadowDancer said...

u not camera whore..
Maybe vain and like me take a lot of pics of myself...

When will be ur next mag. shoot?

SEACJCS said...

(A) It's "renowned", princess. I know, I makes no sense.

(B) I've seen BEFORE pics of other people that were also from MF, and they didn't look great. I'm just giving credit where it's due... ;)

(C) I liked him until I found out you did too. I'm "very berry" jealous. :( Actually, I like his style of music. I like his voice too, but he forces the GRAVEL to make it sound ROCK. ;) He's going to have throat problems later in life. Didn't he lose his voice during competition?

Lennon said...

Procrastinating doing research paper, I has been in the same shoe like you for a year; I am doing my PhD in London. Fingers crossed that we will be unblock the writer's procrastinating pipe soon.

I learned from your blog that you suffered from chronic back pain, also called simple back pain medically, like me. My 2 pences piece of advise is to do some simple back sketching when you wake up every morning/afernoon. Remember to exercise your back when you hit the gym the next time. Some Swiss ball back exercises will be helpful.

I used to swim four/five times a week and my back condition improve dramatically. Last but not lest, and in my opinion the hardest to change is adopt a good and correct siting and standing posture.

Let's work towards the day that both simple back pain and Procrastination are a distant memory; though we need to start by hitting the gym, which I will do in 2 hours time, and work on our research paper ....

Best Wishes

SEACJCS said...

KEL or YSL...

At which institution are you studying?

Andrea Fonseka said...

I'm not too sure when my next mag shoot will be, probably for one in December, so I'm guessing it'll be shot late october.. :)

lennon: yeah I'm trying to fix my back slowly. its gotten better of late; better not jinx it though. ;)

path: yeah he did a little, it started to break. but the song he was trying to sing was waaaaay hard. ("I dare you tell me to walk on fire!!!") lol. He's fantastic though. And married, YES I REALISE THAT. Sigh. All the good men out there are either married, gay, related to me or dead. ;P hehe

ShadowDancer said...

Btw wat other shows ur going to act in or host..Love ur commenting..

Unknown said...

Path, she says "All the good men out there are either married, gay, related to me or dead. ;P hehe"

I wonder which category you fall into? ^_^

And I somehow doubt that KEL/YSL is taking a PhD in English Literature, journalism, or mass comm.

miche said...

Hey Andrea,

juz wanna say that u're a damnnnnn farnie writer. I'm always trying not to snigger out loud when i happen to read ur blog in the office.

just love it when a cute lass like urself can still be a goofball. & just to set the record straight (in case every1s wondering if i have the hots for u), i'm a mommie of a todd ha!

anyways, will find time to try out ur beautifying recipes..


SEACJCS said...

Lawrence...trying to cause trouble, are you? :) Especially since you now know I'm the jealous type...

You want to know what category I'm in? I'm A. :O Fine, I'm not...yet, but I know she's just waiting to spring that trap. :O

Right, A? ;)

Unknown said...

hey andrea u have any remedy for pimple scars?

Initial J said...

Congrats on your contract!!! Wish you the best & an interesting highlight. =)

Some One's Blog said...

Hi Andrea,

I'm a big fan of yours and keep on rocking on Live The Dream.


Andrea Fonseka said...

someone's blog: thanks luv. I'm glad you enjoy watching LTD. :D

initial J: Shakiew Berry Multch! hehee

limahlim: yes, but its always best to get it laser treated. Yep very expensive I know, but that's the surefire way to get rid of pimple scars. The way to 'help' it would be: if you know its 'turning' into a scar, put vitamin E lotion on it. Eat zinc supplements. If its already a scar, there's this cream you can get at the pharmacy, though you might need a prescription for it. ITs specially for scars. E - something. a friend of mine was telling me about it sorry so i cant remember the name exactly. THAT'S WHY I SAY DONT PICK PIMPLES. :P

micihe: heh glad you enjoy reading the blog luv. I'm happy to be the source of your entertainment. hehehehe

pathfinder: aiyoh. Yeah the trap's right there. Next to your wife. hehehehehehheheheheh :D

ShadowDancer said...

Hi Andrea!
I tried d toothpaste on pimple method and d pimple seems 2 hav ripen..XD
Den d 2 day afternoon it sort of like dropped out when i was bathing!!..XD

Btw do u hav any methods to moisturise d face..Cause my face is always dry..

ShadowDancer said...

oh yes..
read d 8-days issue abt u..
U really resemble ur mother..Same look...

SEACJCS said...

"...the trap's right there. Next to your wife."

Thanks for the corroboration, but I don't know why you're talking about yourself in the third person... :O

And Shadowdancer's do resemble your mother (you must get that a lot). You posted her picture earlier, and it actually confused me for a while.

SEACJCS said...

"I'm happy to be the source of your entertainment."

To echo Pang's famous last words...

Famous...last...words. :)

pupusai said...

Next Week's Feature
Andrea's Favourite Skin Care Regimes

When is this coming out?
I wanna read it!

ShadowDancer said...

Hey pathfinder..
we got same views!!XD

SEACJCS said...


I guess we do. :)

ShadowDancer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShadowDancer said...

Jus wondering y Andrea hasnt posted anyting new yet...
Probably post 2day cause her essay due liao..YEA!!

Ladbrooke said...

Hey Andrea, your mum looks a lot like Roselyn Sanchez/Nicole Scherzinger(PCD)...Seriously!lol Anyhoo, keep up the great work you're doing on Live The Dream!

SEACJCS said...


I think the girl just flew back a while ago...let her rest! :)

JuZ JZin said...

Thanks for the post and the tips despite the fact there were more impt matters at hand (your paper!)
Sounds useful, I agree the toothpaste thing works

Abt the self-tanning lotion, any recommendations? I tried one brand and it killed my face, and din realli tan well on arms, legs, etc

ShadowDancer said...

kk..her nephew very cute..