Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Hectic Weekend

This was me::

Friday morning - wake up at 4am, for ScoreToday on Star Sports.
Friday afternoon - spent the day running errands.
Friday night - attend the opening show of Singapore Fashion Festival.

Sat morning - wake up again at 4am for ScoreToday on Star Sports

Sat evening - attend fashion show at Raffles at 6.30pm, then rush to Cafe Del Mar for GND competition (see the pic).

Sunday morning - wake at 7am as call time for catwalk at Shangrila was at 8am. Only got home at about 4pm.

I'M SO EXHAUSTED... but it was a good weekend. :) Met lots of interesting people, and enjoyed myself very much.

Still. Its times like this I wish there were three days in a weekend.


Adam said...
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Anonymous said...

Man, I can't believe you're a GSD judge, that's just awesome. Talk about well rounded. LOL

Anonymous said...

You said it - wish there were three-and-a-HALF days in a weekend; which'll be exactly half the week. Now THAT would be fair, wouldn't it? (: