Saturday, March 24, 2007

Your Friendly Girls Next Door...


I'm in at work again at ESPN Sportscenter headquarters! Just did my live feed at 6am, next one due at 8. Today will be a busy busy day.

First this gig, then I'm off to Raffles this evening for an event, followed by the Girls Next Door Finar-leh at Cafe Del Mar tonight. *phew* I'm going to be one tired bunny by the end of today.

I had an earlier post with the GND girls - mentioned that they're a cute bunch. I reckon tonight's party (starts at 830pm) will be a blast though, David (Editor of FHM) never fails to dissapoint.

Last night I went to the opening of the Fashion Festival at the BigWhiteTent set up in front of Ngee Ann City. Vivien Tham was the opening show, and it was nice seeing all of Singapore's Most Stylish dress up in a "fashionable" way. As for myself - I wore a purple cocktail gown - will be putting up pictures in a bit. Other noted stars there were Rosalyn, Denise (who was running everywhere with a mic and cam), May and Choy and Dick Lee. Strangely enough I felt completely at home in this relatively 'posh' environment, as I had small talk with old friends in the industry I haven't seen in a while. Also, Eric and Fatoma - PR Extrodinaires were there, and were kind enough to introduce me to people whom I have not had the chance of meeting yet.

All in all, a lovely event last night. Champagne flowed freely with "Fashion-Cocktails" (cranberry, soda and a little alcohol)... God forbid they served beer there! *lol* That would have been cool actually, I was feeling like a nice cold Heinekken last night. The Poor Man's Champagne, that's what I call it.

As champagne gets me waaay too tipsy, and I didn't quite feel like a cocktail, I just sipped on my bottle of VODA mineral water that I got off a kind waitress.

It was a drizzly night, and I had to go home in a called taxi as we all know what the queue at Taka is like for taxis...

Alrighty rambling enough about myself. Anyone else did anything interesting last night? Besides getting sloshed, of course: I dont want to hear rancid details about how you threw up your lunch and dinner in the gutters of Clarke Quay.... :P


Anonymous said...

I saw your previous post "SORRY LAH" HAHA Damn funny lah. Niwae, all the best for ur career.

I don't buy FHM normally but ur pic on the cover changed my mind to grab this latest issue. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Alan here....found your blog! Looks real interesting indeed! Love your comments about Mdm Kwan...makes my tummy rumble indeed! Even Sakura would do now!

Just in case you were wondering...its Alan who you met at the GND event at CDM who knows Paula and used to live in KL and has a share in Q Bar Singapore....

Oh...I got my own blog too! prizes for what its about!!! Check it out and do be one the the few to leave a comment I hope!