Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Okay, I'm just going to lay it out. I'm vain. I'm very very vain. I like to look good, I take the time to have my toenails painted, I get my hair done at least once a fortnight and I love getting facials.

Which was why when I first heard about eyelash extensions, I decided I'd eventually give it a go.

Big Mistake.

Not only was the process of having them put on painful (the glue stings your eyes), but the eyelashes were a hassle themselves. It was extremely painful one week in whenever I accidently brushed against them with my fingers / facecloth / whatever, and I couldn't wash my face properly. Finally, after 80% of them eventually dropped off (I plucked most of them off manually - and a few of my own in the process as well), I decided to get them removed professionally.

Big Mistake. Again.

I had to lie in an uncomfortable chair, for 25 minutes with my eyes closed for them to use some liquid thing to dilute it. Then when it was all taken off, I had to endure the eyelash-therapist rubbing my eyes over and over to get the rest of the glue out, getting some of it into my eye in the process. It stung. It really really stung. Wanted to get some pictures, but unfotunately I couldn't exactly take any while I was tearing, quietly cursing the eyelash therapist lady for the torture she never informed me that I'd have to endure prior to the entire process.

Lesson Learnt : Sometimes curiosity wont kill the cat. It'll just make it temporarily blind.

On a lighter note: Does anyone watch that little telly programme Score Today? You might just be seeing me pop up live, next week. Keep reading for more details within the next few days....


Unknown said...

It's years I am all around this world , sometimes virtualy , but today , the 02.05.2007 I discovered one of the most beautifull heavencamed evermade wonder....

Andrea Fonseka !!! I made thousands photo's to also many people...but this is outstanding for me..., You are the hidden treasure of beauty !!!

I am wondering were in this world I could ever make you some photo's as I make'it by myself ...were ?? were ?? were ?? Italy is beautifull but NOT enough....

|Г*~` 羼G耄 `~*ぇ| said...

Decided to google you after watching you on DOND last nite. That's how I found your blog. Good reading :)

Thanks for the heads up on the eyelashes. U're lovely as is. U dun need all that crap.

All the best in ur studies and I'm now a regular reader of your blog.

2 things I think we have in common: Filipino blood and Catholic. Am I right? :)